When I first entered Real Estate back in the early 80's, it was for quite a simple reason…to hme in maineelp people buy and sell homes and to have some flexibility to my schedule while raising my children. Little did I understand at that time how much this profession lets you touch the lives of other people in quite the way it does, and never did I guess how much the their lives would touch my own!  What a wonderful joy that has been!

It's often said that buying or selling a home is among life's most stressful events. Chances are that has less to do with the buying or selling process itself (though certainly that process is stressful by nature of its uncertainty), but rather because people generally buy and sell homes as part of some other major event…like getting married, or having a baby, or getting divorced, or children leaving the nest. Sometimes its because of a new job, or a promotion, or a relocation, and other times it's because of a job loss, or a death in the family. Regardless of the reason for the move, and whether that reason is a joyous one or not, there is one thing on which you can be sure…the process can become, and often is, an emotional roller coaster!

It wasn't long after entering the world of real estate before it became abundantly clear that I was finding great fulfillment in helping individuals and families through a part of whatever journey they happened to be on. Sometimes that means being trusted adviser and guide; sometimes it means being a shoulder for someone's trying moment; sometimes it means being a distraction for anxious children; sometimes it means...well, I've discovered, sometimes it means just about anything! Funny how such great joy can come from things that people don't ordinarily consider to be part of the "job description"!

One of the great lessons I learned early on in my career is to be a great listener…actually, that's a great life's lesson as well. Occasionally that means being a "probative" listener. When someone tells me they want to buy a home in a certain area, I want to know why that area appeals to them. When they say "we need a basement", I want to know what they plan to use the basement for. Funny, there's a cliché nearly every Realtor® has heard that says "buyers are liars". It stems from the fact that, very often anyway, buyers buy homes that are very different from the homes they said they wanted (and that the agent invested countless hours "trying to find" for them). I've learned that you could consider that cliché to be true if you only listened to WHAT the buyer said they wanted.   However, when you know the WHY behind the WANT, home buyers are actually pretty true to their "whys".  In other words,the whys matter!

Choosing a Realtor® means finding someone who is not just skilled at things like market knowledge, negotiating, staging and marketing property, pricing awareness and all the other things that we generally consider to be part of the job description.  It also means finding someone who listens to your needs and priorities, whose goal it is to protect your interests and to advise you as to the strengths and weaknesses of each choice you're considering.  For buyers, that means calling attention to any detractors a property has that might not be obvious to them, but which would definitely have an impact on its saleability.  Most buyers will one day become sellers…and they need to know "what's wrong" with a property BEFORE they buy it! For sellers, that means telling them things they don't necessarily want to hear…but most certainly things they NEED to hear, things like "yes, that's a wonderful new roof, and yes, I understand you just paid $18,000 to put it on your house, but NO, that doesn't mean you can now get $18,000 more for your house than your neighbor just got for basically the same house!"  No one likes to disappoint, but a big part of our VALUE as agents is our honest, professional understanding of the market.

For nearly three decades, I've been blessed enough to "partner" with many hundreds of home buyers and home sellers, getting to know them and their dreams, guiding them through the real estate process, and helping them navigate the sometimes overwhelming maze that it can become. I invite you to let me do the same for you!

Judi Bryan
The "Homes Lady"

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