About Illinois

IllinoisHaving grown up in Ohio, Illinois always seemed "out west".  And Chicago was the illusive "big city".  One of the most striking things I discovered when we moved here in 1972 though was how truly mid-west Illinois truly was.  Other than a few of the "irregularities" in the language (such as ending so many questions with "with"...as in "I'm going shopping.  Would you like to come with?") living in Illinois felt pretty much like living in Ohio.  The people are friendly; there's a real sense of "community"; and being in the suburbs means that the "big city" attractions (fabulous things like the Museums, Shedd Aquarium, sports centers, great restaurants and night life, were all close enough to enjoy, yet far enough away that it was easy to retreat to the quiet suburban living.  That's pretty much the best of both worlds!

Now, having lived in Illinois for the greater part of my adult life, it's become "home".  Here is some basic information about my "home state":

Population:  12,653,544 in 2009
Statehood:  We're the 21st state, having been admitted into the Union December 3, 1818
Nickname:  Though not really his birthplace, Illinois is proud to be known as the "Land of Lincoln" (it's also called the Prairie State)

Illinois overall is an interesting amalgam of big city, farmland, and open country.  It offers rich farmland noted for the consistent production of corn, soybeans, hay and wheat.  And beneath the topsoil are rich reserves of coal, greater than any other state east of the Rockies.

But agriculture is not the only industry in Illinois.  By 1880, Illinois had established a broad range of industry which accounted for nearly double the state's income than that produced by agriculture. Manufacturing, food production, an assortment of metal products, printing and publishing also account for a significant amount of Illinois income.

The renown city of Chicago is the country's leading rail center, and also lays claim to being a significant commercial and financial center.  While suburbs such as Schaumburg, Oak Book, and Naperville have become significant business centers, other cities, such as Elgin, Peoria, Rockford, Decatur, and the capitol city of Springfield also contribute a variety of industries to the state's resources.

Relocating TO, FROM, or WITHIN Illinois?  Let me...I'd love to help simplify the process for you!