Life in Transition

Life in Transition

Yes, I know this is a real estate blog, and a part of me wanted to begin with a real estate related post.  But what occurred to me is that, in my well over 30 years of working with home buyers and sellers, regardless of which side of a “transaction” my client was in, whether a buyer or seller, their lives were always in transition.  Things were happening their lives, decisions were being made, and everything going on with them meant they were experiencing some sort of change.

So what does this mean to you?  Change can be both exciting and scary.  Sometimes it’s the result of something wonderful and exciting…promotion, a wedding, a new baby.  Sometimes it’s the result of something sad…the loss of a job, divorce, the  loss of a loved one.  What ever the reason, the most successful of these transitions from what we know and are comfortable with to what is still ahead of us comes from being as well versed in our options and exercising those options with calm and a good head on our shoulders.

That is why this site and this blog exists!  The site itself is here to inform you…to provide you with tools and resources that will hopefully arm you for success as you consider whether or not to buy or sell a home, and how best to proceed with that decision.  This blog is here to provide you with an opportunity to interact with an experienced agent who wants nothing more than to help you make your best decisions.  I invite you to participate in the dialogue!

To your successful moving experience!


Judi Bryan