Is This the Right Time to Buy?

Is the "Cookie Cutter" Answer the RIGHT Answer for You!!

Question:  "Lots of newspapers and websites are saying this is the best time to buy.  Is it?"

Answer:  My unequivocal, emphatic response to that question is "IT DEPENDS!"  The MARKET may have outstanding buys to offer, the interest rates are great....HOWEVER, the most important factor to consider in answering that question is YOUR OWN SITUATION.  Ask yourself these questions ...

  • How's my credit?CookieCutterHouse
  • What about my job stability?
  • Do I have funds available for a down payment and closing costs?
  • Will I be able to have an "emergency reserve" left over after closing, just in case?
  • What are my "expectations", and are they realistic for my budget
  • How much of a payment can I COMFORTABLY afford?

Coming up with the right answers to questions like these can make all the difference between becoming a proud and happy homeowner and becoming a statistic in the "toxic debt" phenomenon.   No one who finds him or herself  in that position planned on it ... but life has a way of intervening.  The better prepared you are up front, before you buy, the less the risk that you'll regret your decision!

We live in an age of "do it yourself" ... in part because "how to" information is so easily available, and in part because we're all looking to protect our pocketbook.  But the decision to buy a home, and getting involved in the process to make it happen ARE NOT "DO IT YOURSELF" PROJECTS.  This risks (and potential costs) are just simply too high!   With so much at stake (your pocketbook, your peace of mind, your sleep for example) it's best to find a knowledgeable, experienced agent to guide you through the process.  The agent you choose should be your "trusted adviser".

Care to examine whether now is the RIGHT TIME for YOU???  Let's talk ... (this places you under no obligation ... it's simply a good place to start!)

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