Most Reliable – MLS Home Search

MLS Home Search

Certainly the most Complete AND Accurate home search results are those that come directly from the Multiple Listing Service (MLS).  As technology has improved and new systems have been developed, it's now possible for you to receive comprehensive listing data, to know which properties currently have contracts on them, vs which are truly available for purchase, and to have the entire search specifically designed to meet your particular needs.

As with the other systems described, such a systems has its' benefits as well as its' drawbacks.  Some of the benefits are pretty obvious:

  • Based on your search criteria, you'll receive comprehensive details on all MLS listed properties.  You'll see the same properties that a real estate agent sees because you are getting the information directly from the very same database
  • You can opt to receive updates to listing details as often as twice daily.  Any changes in listing status, any new listings, price reductions, reactivations, etc., will be sent directly to your email inbox so you don't miss a thing
  • The information you receive on any properties is the most current and accurate of any system currently devised

And yes, of course, since nothing can be all things to all people, such a system as this does have some drawbacks

  • You're not able to create or modify your home searches on the fly.
  • All searches must be created or modified by a real estate agent who is a member of the MLS being used
  • If the agent you are working with is not responsible or diligent (or perhaps "tech savvy" to a certain degree) you may not be getting the search results you should because they did not enter the criteria properly
  • You and your agent need to be aware of the "garbage-in / garbage-out" phenomenon.  If your search is TOO specific, you might inadvertently filter out properties that should not have been filtered out.
  • If you're intent upon being anonymous, this is not the home search method for you.

The VIP Buyer Home Searches is specifically designed for those who have already done a fair amount of their own due diligence.  They have decided they are ready to give serious effort to finding that right home and are ready to find an agent who will "partner" with them toward that end.   If you feel that this is the level of service you would like to have, where you can basically custom design your own home search, then take a look at our Dream Home Finder page where you can create a search that focuses on those things that are most important to you!