Be A Safe Seller

While your home is on the market, you want people to see it.  After all, how can buyers fall in love with it if they don't see it, right?  And in this day in age with all the internet sites out there promoting homes for sale, complete with interior photos, mapping links, arial photos, etc., people often know A LOT about your home before they ever open the door. 

But this wonderful exposure does come with a price.  Prospective home buyers ARE NOT THE ONLY ONES looking at homes on the market.  And some of those OTHERS can present a serious risk to your home as well as your family.  The good news is that FORWARNED IS FORARMED!  There are some very real, sensible steps you can take to help insure that your home selling experience is a much SAFER one.

For your copy of my Safety Suggestions checklist, simply complete the form below.  Double check the email address you enter to be sure you've typed it correctly since the checklist will be promptly emailed to that address.