Home Seller’s Checklist

Home Seller’s Checklist

You've heard it said before, and I'll say it again ... You never get a second chance to make a good first impression!  In real estate, nothing could be more true than that!  Actually, when you're home is on the market, you'll find there are many places where you need to make a good "first impression".  Certainly, when the buyer comes to your front door, that initial impression is critical.  Experts tell us that the buyer "decides" what they think of you home in less than 10 seconds.  The rest of time they spend there is either confirming that impression, or disputing it!  You may have experienced it yourself - have you ever walked into a home and immediately thought "this is it!"?  I definitely have, and in working with buyers I see it happen all the time.

For some, creating that great first impression comes very easily.  Their homes are always immaculate; their decor is tasteful and impeccable; the home looks and smells beautifully.  Basically, it shows like a model home!  But the reality is, for the majority of people, "living in" a home and "selling" a home are two totally different animals.  It is with that fact in mind that I created my Home Seller's Checklist (I even used it myself when I was preparing my own home to sell several years ago....it was a HUGE help for me).  Having looked at literally thousands of homes with my buyers over the years, seeing what they noticed, hearing their comments and concerns, it occured to me that it would be very helpful to sellers if THEY knew before the buyers walked through the door exactly what those buyers would be noticing - and how to make their home really shine! 

Using that information, I've created a very easy to follow "checklist".  It includes big things and little things as well.  Many, if not most, of the items are simple "honey do" items, while others would be considered "projects", either to do youself or to have done by a professional.  And if I've seen good success with certain products, I've included them in the list as well.  The objective here is to help you take the "guesswork" out of preparing your home for sale with the ultimate goal of, not just getting your home sold, but of getting it sold at the best price and terms in today's market

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