How Will I Let People Know

How Will I Let People Know My House is For Sale

When I put my home on the market, how will I let people know it’s for sale?
  • Yard sign (window sign in my condo/townhome unit, if permitted)
  • Newspaper (which papers, photo or no photo, address or no address, how much detail, what does it cost…per ad, per week, per month)
  • Fliers or mailers (where should they be sent)
  • Internet (which websites, what are their costs, what local exposure do the websites generate, what information do they allow me to include
  • What about photos/tours of my home? Do they help or hurt me?
NOTE: We’ve seen times when generating offers took little more than a sign in the yard (provided the property was located in an area easily accessible to drive-by traffic) and a couple of ads in the paper. I say “generating offers” because getting an offer and getting a home sold are two vastly different situations…not all offers result in a closed transaction. Items to consider in an offer are “does the buyer qualify”, “do the terms of the offer conflict with the seller’s best interest”, etc.