Request A CMA

Request a CMA

The real estate market is always in a state of flux.  Just like the stock market, values can go either up or down, or remain relatively level.  And though "trends" might appear within any market area, when you're considering selling a property, it's important to get a clear idea of the market value of that particular property before you decide to sell.  To help you do that, it's best to get a "CMA" (Comparative Market Analysis) which examines properties similar to yours which have recently sold, properties that are currently on the market (which would be your competition if you did decide to sell), as well as those that have fallen off the market as "unsold".

It's also important to remember that a CMA will give you a "snapshot" of the home's value at a particular point in time.  That value is impacted by the number of competing properties on the market, current interest rates (availability of money!), recent sales, the asking prices of current competition, etc.  That information actually changes daily, so it's important to monitor market changes while your home is on the market as well.

Whether you're considering a move or are simply interested in finding out how your "investment" is doing in today's bumpy market, I'm happy to help.  Below, simply enter as much detailed information about your property as possible.  The more information you provide, the more focused the comparable properties I'll be able to provide for you.  Also please indicate whether you are considering a move locally or outside the Chicagoland market, and what the ideal timeframe for your move would be.