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The By Owner Option

Many, if not most, homeowners, when considering the sale of their home or other property, give some thought to selling the property themselves. And why not! After all, real estate is generally one of, if not THE, single largest investment of a person’s life. They’ve cared for it, improved upon it, and invested not only money but often considerable sweat into it as well! It’s only natural that they would want to keep as much of that hard earned investment for themselves as possible!  
Most people who plan to sell “By Owner” or “FSBO” (For Sale by Owner) begin with the mindset described above. And who wouldn’t! Homes are bought and sold every day of the year. They see signs going up and down in their neighborhoods (some of which are even other FSBOs) so the whole idea looks very appealing! Just think, they can potentially save thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars in the process!
After spending nearly three decades in the business of real estate, and having spoken with countless families who elected not to list with a broker, I’ve found that their experiences provided a great wealth of information that could prove useful to others considering the same option. Whether to sell “by owner” or to hire a real estate professional to shepherd you through the process is a big decision and should be entered into (as with all big decisions) only after weighing as much valid information as possible. It is my hope that, in reading the following, you will make your decision armed with the very best possible information! I’m a strong believer in “Informed is Empowered!!!”
To help you with your decision, visit the FSBO FAQs page.  In it you'll find a whole host of questions sellers ask (or SHOULD ask) while weighing their options.  Like anything else, there’s more to the process than most people know, and the more you think through what you need to have, to know, and to do, the better position you will be in to protect yourself and your interests throughout the process. As I said in the beginning, informed is empowered!
Regardless of HOW you choose to go about it, please know I wish you a happy and successful move!   I also invite you to feel free to contact me by phone or by email if you have any questions that I might be able to answer, if you need recommendations for services, or if you have interest in any of the resources I have available…many of which are available online. Simply send me an email with your request and I’ll gladly send you the appropriate links
Still looking for a home to buy? Want to keep abreast of the homes for sale in your area that are COMPETING with you for those qualified buyers?
…to search all active listings (not just mine or my firm’s), save multiple searches, have properties meeting your criteria emailed to you as they become available. Unlike, for example, your search results will show you which properties are still available, versus which have contracts on them….valuable information for you, whether you’re searching for a home or monitoring your competition!

Special Report - Guide for a Successful Sale

Navigating the "selling by owner" process correctly can make the huge difference between, not just getting your home sold and closed, but achieving your ultimate objective for going "by owner" ... actually putting more money in your pocket than you would have if you'd listed your home with an agent.  For the vast majority of people who try to sell "by owner", that IS the objective.  This 19 page report is designed to help you do just that...and it's absolutely free for the asking.  Request your copy now!