Advertising By Owner On The Web

Advertising My Home Online

What about all those internet sites that offer to advertise my home?

  • How much is my out of pocket cost?
  • What do they guarantee to give me
  • Where do they promote my home OTHER THAN their own website
  • When an offer comes in, what assistance do they provide (counsel and advice with regard to the TERMS OF THE OFFER, qualifying the buyer, checking on any contingencies, etc.)
  • Might I still have to pay a “commission”
NOTE: Many/most of these websites charge up front fees (often quite high) WITH NO GUARANTEE OF SELLING YOUR HOME. They get their money whether you sell or not. Where is their incentive to assist you? They use your home as advertising fodder with which to attract buyers, and sell OTHER homes to those buyers collecting commissions from OTHER BROKERS… OR sell those buyer leads for substantial referral fees to other brokers. Then, if your home doesn’t sell, you may wind up eventually listing with a full service Broker and the fee you’ve already paid is LOST EQUITY. Though I recognize there are all sorts of viable options for sellers, my caution to you is that you ask a lot of questions, and be sure you thoroughly understand what options you are considering.